an alternative way of learning art

The primary objective of education  within SpaceEka is to develop the conscious awareness and understanding that is needed to create healthy human societies upon the earth. It is expected that the first step will be the transformation of the self through the proper understanding of one’s thoughts, words and deeds. This understanding and knowledge is fostered by the opportunities for observation, experience and training that is provided here.

“What should the objective of learning be?”is a complex philosophical question. However, at a time when we seem to have come to the collective agreement that there is no alternative but to voluntarily become a cog in the machine, at a time when we avoid questioning the way things are, when we give up on exploring existence and choose passive acceptance, isn’t it imperative that we redefine the purpose of education? With human civilization broken, is there no alternative but to break down further into just another speck within its hold? Should we accept any longer that the role of education is to teach knowledge and skills in order to sacrifice ourselves to maintain this broken existence? Why should we allow this sacrifice to something that we ourselves created? It is in the face of this problematic circumstance that humanity is faced with the need for an alternative education that goes beyond acquiring skills and knowledge merely for the sake of survival.

At present it seems that spending time and money to make the effort to create a good human being as being beneficial to oneself as well as the world, is deemed worthless. In this context the way forward requires an exploration that is not limited to that of the outside world, but one that also focuses on the inner world of the individual. The awareness and understanding that comes with the understanding of our inner world is something that can positively impact the progress of this entire world. The enormous benefits that become available through an alternate system of education is not limited to the artistic community, but includes everyone as we tackle the major crises of our world, be it social, philosophical or environmental.

Education is considered central in this alternative space for the purposes of re-identifying the values and the meanings that have been lost to humanity. Here we open doors to new dimensions and abilities, and develop existence to a more positive and conscious state.In a world that values the human mind, body, and all external physical things for the purpose of consumption, everyone from a homeless person on the streets to the wealthiest man alive who spends his life exploring the ends of the universe, is individually and mutually trapped, however tired or unsatisfied, as a victim in this endless state.

It is in such a background that the “alternative” is fantasized and sold, and “education” has become one the largest profit making industries. Our aim is to open up alternative ways to explore the nature of consciousness and understanding that directly affects creativity in an age when even the distinction between artificial intelligence and a human mind is challenged and creativity, talent and ability are in crisis. Therefore, the alternate education method that we offer in our space gives priority to the understanding and practicality gained through experience. It is carried out in a spirit of mutual respect fostered with close association rather than the traditional teacher-student relationship or the classroom educational model.

We provide guidance and training to understand the results that are gained by having the awareness of oneself as well as others in each moment, as well as to act responsibly regarding those results.

“ Within this space, reasons are created, solely for understanding.”


“If you want to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, it requires that you keep rubbing the two pieces of wood together, without pause. Before the fire is sparked, you might pause for any given reason,  and start again and again, but you will never succeed in making a fire. The rubbing will cause the sticks to wear out and break, and you will be left only with exhaustion and frustration.”

Actor’s Philosophy Residency

The primary focus of an Actor/Performer training process is one of self-discovery. The idea was to experiment with creating an Actor/Performer training methodology based on the teachings of meditation and Buddhist philosophy whose premise is the non-existence of a static or permanent self. Jayampathi Guruge is the creator of the Actor’s Philosophy concept, perspective and methodology. 

Artists and teachers ensemble

This is an external collective of artists and teachers who engage with us actively. It is an educational process based on creating artistic work, as well as  sharing practical experience and knowledge. These creative works, along with their knowledge and experience are utilized to build a local and international network which in turn we hope will enable us to share the benefits of the SpaceEka alternative space with active artists in the field.

Through these relationships we hope to encourage alternative artistic practices and new experimentation in all those who are connected to the Residency (SpaceEka Artists’ Residency)  in their own artistic fields. 

Living camps - A series of short term residential programs.

“Concept to production”

Invites beginners as well as professionals in the field to connect with our space. We hope to foster professional skills and attitudes in the field of art while introducing alternatives to the mainstream. We also hope to provide necessary knowledge and guidance on behalf of artists’ rights and policy making.

“In search of alternative arts”

Hopes to nurture both artists and students through enabling the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst each other, while increasing the appeal of alternative art practices and new experiments among wider society through educating a wider audience. We  aim to build a space that acts as a central location around which new knowledge is generated. 

“Residence management and development”

Provides the opportunity for the study of the alternative culture and lifestyle that we are building, while providing the necessary guidance to create such spaces, the knowledge required to systematically build and popularize this alternative cultural art practice that we propose both locally and abroad. We hope to provide this experience to anyone requiring this knowledge and experience. 

Lab & Research center - Networking Artists, Academics and People (Local and International) 

The space is available for artists as well as creatives and researchers in the social sciences or humanities in order to share knowledge and news. We also provide the space for those researchers doing academic work with regard to alternate spaces. This provides the opportunity to those engaged in studies, research or creative work to carry out their work while residing in our alternative space.

Scholarships | Awards

This section is dedicated to provide Scholarships/Awards to qualified persons who wish to join our programs. Responsibilities include directing artists towards appropriate foreign education, building a network of contacts, and providing the right guidance.


The main purpose here is to allocate space for the exhibition of artists’ creations and create an alternative art culture connected with the lifestyles of the general public. We hope to develop an alternative trend by strengthening the connection between art and everyday life.