An alternative way of producing art

Within the creative process there exists the space in any given moment for the investigation of new knowledge. Within SpaceEka there is special space allocated for both alternate-stream art work as well as experimental creativity. Additionally we introduce qualitative inputs into the mainstream arts as well. Our aim is to make this a center for broadening the skills, attitudes, ways of living and vision of the creatives involved while building local and international connections to uplift the professionalism and quality of the Arts.

In the alternate creative space provided by SpaceEka, its  facilities and services are made available to the creative persons involved in order to foster creative activity in a spirit of symbiosis and unity. Furthermore, while developing as a collective of people in varying fields, we focus on providing the guidance, amenities and the organizational support required for transforming  differing ideas and concepts into creative productions.

We hope to create an attitudinal shift, in both the artist and audience. We substitute new methodologies for existing methods, and these are developed and highlighted in our productions. As a final result of all this, we hope to achieve a more culturally, philosophically and technically rich creative mechanism which would make valuable  changes in the utilization of Arts in society.

Enriching the thought processes and vision of the human community actively  involved presently in the Arts so that their contributions can  elevate the established societal values is the ultimate dream.

If humanity is to progress, both as individuals and as a group, the responsibilities one takes on, right mindfulness and awareness , self critique, self discipline , consensual agreement within the group, and questioning  and examining the challenges have to take pride of place. 

In this way the productions, which encompass all fields of art, that  emerge from our alternate space, become our joyful harvest.

“If you decide you want to swim against the current, first you must get into the water. You must then turn in the opposite direction and swim at least at the same speed of the flow. It is only  then that you can even  stay in the same place that you started. If not you may think you are swimming against the flow, but will only be dragged on by the tide.”

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