Explore, experience, and execute

Knowledge and understanding are generated through any approach taken on the journey from the first thought of exploring something to its realization. What that knowledge is used for and how it is used is determined by the nature of the understanding that is gained through that knowledge.

“Exploration of the body that’s merely six feet tall, opens up the opportunity to understand the boundless universe.”

Using the knowledge that was born as a result of research on atomic energy to turn a million human and animal communities into ashes in one moment is a perfect example for understanding the interrelationship between understanding and knowledge. Therefore, the research centered around our space goes beyond the exploration of knowledge and always highlights the understanding and experience gained from it.

“If you want to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, it requires that you keep rubbing the two pieces of wood together, without pause. Before the fire is sparked, you might pause for any given reason,  and start again and again, but you will never succeed in making a fire. The rubbing will cause the sticks to wear out and break, and you will be left only with exhaustion and frustration.”

Production based research

These are experimental investigations that are carried out based on the context related to a creative work.

Education based research

The aim here is that of sharing knowledge and experience for the purpose of education, as well as research into the need of circulating this into the wider community. We identify the existing weaknesses, seek alternatives and approach education as a way of finding a better direction forward. 

Developing methodology and theories

The purpose here is to identify the new knowledge generated through creative work and teaching processes, systematically develop it into methodologies and theories, and to reserve this space for those who wish to study those methodologies.

We work in direct contact with universities, schools and educational institutions where these alternative education methods are introduced and the necessary knowledge and guidance is provided to maintain them as well.

Academic publication and research papers

Our purpose is to spread the new knowledge ranges and experiences that arise through research and exploration through its socialization, as well as to extend it to the whole world in a systematic manner for the well being of human society.