What we do

We believe there should be a new culture of sharing education and experience in the contemporary world.

SpaceEka is working with university students and faculty, school kids, teachers, local and international professional artists and we encourage them to get involved with our productions and projects. We bring unspoken social, political and philosophical topics to the mainstream through our artworks.

We aim to build a central space through which to socialize the newest experiences of contemporary art spread across different fields. The SpaceEka artists’ residency is an effort to have a place where positive thoughts are being cultivated in the world.  We try to incorporate intellectual well-being into our artistic and communal lifestyle.

Our Production

Once Upon a Time, I was Addicted to You.

A Contemporary Ritual

Loss of women’s identity due to Abuse and the creation of a Healing Ritual aimed at healing the resulting trauma.

Main Collaborators

Veenadari L. Jayakody | Jayampathi Guruge | Prasad Aluthwaththa | Jithendra Vishvabandhu Vidyapathy